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[3DAY BAN SERVED]Be-Phet, UoF, Harrasment

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1[3DAY BAN SERVED]Be-Phet, UoF, Harrasment Empty [3DAY BAN SERVED]Be-Phet, UoF, Harrasment on Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:13 am


Now we talking
Now we talking
Player(s): Be-Phet
Faction: UoF
Guild: 1926
Report: Harrasment/name calling

I don't think this needs allot of words.
But i'll type some:
Ogre, if you bann me i'll ban you Very Happy

[GA]Wildrose was there an as you can see in the chatbox of pic 2.
She said "Shut it ogre"
"Skidz has stopped"
"Now it's your turn"

what does ogre do?
He continous calling me names but on whisper

2[3DAY BAN SERVED]Be-Phet, UoF, Harrasment Empty [3DAY BAN]Be-Phet, UoF, Harrasment on Sat Sep 11, 2010 3:22 am


With the GM's review


Rule 5 of B4DW Tos:
5. Any volatile, abusive, or harsh language such as swearing or harassment is not allowed in B4DW , and abuse of it will result in a temporary ban. Repeat offenders are subject to increased temp ban durations, which can lead to a perma ban. Action taken will be at our discretion and the aforementioned will not be tolerated towards B4DW staff members.

After being asked to put an end to this argumentative incident by a [GA], you persisted with PM's using what we, B4DW Admins, feel is harsh language. This is in violation of the above not withstanding the harassment claims. These actions have warranted a three day vacation. Have fun and be safe.

Regards, Battle for DWater Team [3DAY BAN SERVED]Be-Phet, UoF, Harrasment Sober2

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