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Now Accepting Game Ambassador Applications **Closed**

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We are looking for a few highly motivated players that want to help shape Battle for Dwater (BfDW) for the betterment of all. As an ambassador you are an unoffical representative of BfDW supporting and strengthening your gaming community.

How do you become a BfDW Game Ambassador?

* Are you knowledgeable about quests and/or character classes?
* Do you love PvP and want to help encourage players to join you?
* Can you direct player questions to get the help they need; be it contacting a GM, general quest info, or recommending a forum post?
* Do you want to lead participation in server wide events?
* Can you settle disputes w/o necessarily having a GM involved?
* Are you a team player?

If you feel you can contribute the above and become an asset to the Game Ambassador Team, we would like you submit an application.

1. Copy and paste the information below in a PM
2. Answer the questions the best you can
3. Send your information in a PM to me


1. Why do you want to be a Game Ambassador for BfDW?

2. What is your primary focus in playing BfDW?

3. Do you have any experience hosting / organizing events?

4. Do you have any experience with conflict management?

5. Are you active on forums / chatbox?

6. Anything additional you wish to tell us?

Please include the following information in your email:

*Account Name:
*Fluent languages:
*Time Zone:
*Playtimes (ex. Weekdays: evenings 3-4 hrs / Weekends: variable 6-8 hrs):

If you are selected you will be notified via email & BfDW account PM.

Thank You,
Dwater Team Management

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Now Accepting Game Ambassador Applications **Closed** Brick1-2

~Siggie by Sinful~



Will be contacting approved applicants in the next 48-72 hrs via pm and provided email.

Ty for all the submissions. It's time to work.

Now Accepting Game Ambassador Applications **Closed** Brick1-2

~Siggie by Sinful~

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