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Ryu / Deva acc sharing

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1Ryu / Deva acc sharing Empty Ryu / Deva acc sharing on Wed Nov 10, 2010 7:39 am


Am i making any sense??
Am i making any sense??
Players: DanteRyu / -Deva-
Faction: UoF
Guild: -Feared-
Reported for: Account sharing

As told multiple times by GMs and by [GA]Comatose as well that acc sharing is banable offense, reporting every acc sharing from now on. At first thought it's same person cause hunter didn't move much, but than both started the active pvp.
Ryu / Deva acc sharing Accountshare

Photographic evidence
Pic of both toons in pvp at same time
Ryu / Deva acc sharing Shaiya1311
Confession from both
Ryu / Deva acc sharing Shaiya1317

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