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WTT Ophy Gear.

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1WTT Ophy Gear.  Empty WTT Ophy Gear. on Tue Oct 12, 2010 1:08 am


Game Ambassador
Game Ambassador
Ok so I have 4 parts of Ophy gear, but only have 2 pieces that go together. I'm not sure of the colors since it all looks whitish.

WTT Ophy Gear.  Shaiya0053

Anyway I would like to trade the Pants and Gloves of this set with the other set. See icons below.

WTT Ophy Gear.  Shaiya0054

WTT Ophy Gear.  Shaiya0055

Contacting me is easy. Leave me a message in my inbox on the forums here, or contact me in game on [GA]Nilla on AoL and [GA]Vanilla (or [GA]rink) on UoF.

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