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[NOBAN]Risk, AoL, damage hack

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1[NOBAN]Risk, AoL, damage hack Empty [NOBAN]Risk, AoL, damage hack on Sat Oct 02, 2010 2:49 pm


I can Talk
I can Talk
Player(s): risk

Faction: AoL

Guild: unknown

Reported for: possible damage hack

Date/Time: October 2, 2010 @ around 3:30pm

Written evidence: during pvp i was attempting to run, ofc as an orc thats not possible when ur stunned all the time. just thought u guys might wanna take a look

2[NOBAN]Risk, AoL, damage hack Empty Re: [NOBAN]Risk, AoL, damage hack on Sun Oct 03, 2010 4:47 pm


Risk hit you with PV (it says so in the 5th line of the dmg log), why it shows it hit you twice i dont know but from the looks of you dmg log you were being piled so could just be a possible dmg log glitch.

but that dmg is possible with PV

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