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Diamond EVENT !!!!!

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1Diamond EVENT !!!!!  Empty Diamond EVENT !!!!! on Sun Sep 12, 2010 6:32 am


"You're all worthless and weak!"

As the great Douglas C. Niedermeyer said in the epic movie, "Animal House"

Diamond EVENT !!!!!  Neidermeyer

"but how do we get tough Mr. GMz?"

easy - pvp, and lots of it.

The first player to achieve a diamond rank, (not to be confused with Neil Diamond);

Diamond EVENT !!!!!  Neil-diamond-pic

If you reach this level of killing-machine awesome-ness, the first one will be rewarded.

What kind of reward you ask?

Some firecrackers & a hotdog?


A FULL set of level 60 Goddess gear for any class you choose. But wait, there's more!!


Oh yes, we will even pre-link the boots for you with some sonics!

Diamond EVENT !!!!!  Omfg_baby_srsly_gtfo

1. Your rank must be diamond.
2. You must submit a SS to the GMs using the Contact Form. Just upload the picture, and send the link.
3. If you pad your kills, and believe me, we will find out, you will be disqualified. Not only will you be disqualified, you'll also enjoy a Perma-Ban.

Diamond EVENT !!!!!  Permabanned

Hijacked From Coma !

Diamond EVENT !!!!!  Image210

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