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B4DW Ventrilo Server Info

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We are always looking to improve our players B4DW experience. A suggestion for a server ventrilo was brought up to us from one of you. We're pleased to announce...

B4DW Ventrilo

Port: 3917

Now here's the deal...

Ventrilo and other voice chat servers are imo the very best way to communicate and develop relationships in MMO's. More specifically, they can turn a tight-knit group into a well-oiled PvP machine on the battle field. We want to make this available to the B4DW community for all to us.

A Total Newbie's Guide to Using Ventrilo

Won't this cause chaos on the ventrilo server?

We are going have a setup to "manage the madness" if you will. We're going to put the power in the guild leaders / designated players.

What if I don't have a guild?

No Guild? No problem! We have the usual "lobby" and "chillax" rooms as well as the "Middle Ground", a meet and greet area for players to chat.

I have a guild, so what does that mean?

If you are a member of a guild that doesn't have their own ventrilo or other voice chat server, but would like to the B4DW ventrilo. You can direct your Guild Leader to this thread and read below.

I am a Guild Leader of a guild that would be interested in using the B4DW ventrilo.

The way it works is we will allow up to three registered B4DW ventrilo accounts to have channel admin (Guild channel) privileges to monitor and oversee their guild representation on our vent server. Channel admins will create their own guild vent channel passwords and watch "their flock".

PM [GM]Megaslayer with the following:

1. Guild Name:
2. Guild Leader:
3. Screenshot of character selection screen w/ Guild Leader listed
4. GL request channel admin privileges +(2):
4a. **For each channel admin request
~vent user name(s)
~user password(s)

I will then create the specific vent user(s) accounts as well as a guild channel, which they will have channel admin rights over. Regular users will log in as guests and can gain access to these channels via password created by selected channel admins.

Player Benefits:

*Meeting other B4DW Community players
*Improved Guild Communication / Organization
*Improved PvP Communication / Organization
*Speed and ease of contacting a GA/GM (DO NOT PESTER)
*See if your favorite opponents are on
*Message of the Day for unique offers and special information

Rules of B4DW Ventrilo server:

Same rules of conduct under B4DW ToS apply here.

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~Siggie by Sinful~

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