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Level 60 Cape revamp **Update**

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1Level 60 Cape revamp **Update** Empty Level 60 Cape revamp **Update** on Thu Sep 02, 2010 10:56 am


While we haven't openly advertised our new cape selections just yet, they are offered on the item mall. The level 60 capes were NOT finished, but we had them listed on the item mall. some players had purchased them and we can't blame them given the temp name we called them.

We have learned that it's extremely tough to create slotted capes. We are not going to be able to offer two slotted capes as we had hoped. instead, we are going to provide something which we hope our players will find just as, if not more favorable. We hope to have these lvl 60 capes available for this weekend.

** For those who already purchased the lvl 60 capes after maint yesterday:

Please post your account name here and we will refund the dwd cost.

DO NOT make false claims of purchasing a lvl 60 cape. We do check records and know who did and did not purchase one.

This ONLY applies to the lvl 60 capes. The others are working as intended.



Level 60 Cape revamp **Update** Brick1-2

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2Level 60 Cape revamp **Update** Empty Re: Level 60 Cape revamp **Update** on Thu Sep 02, 2010 12:44 pm


here's my two cents
here's my two cents
Acc name : edy89

yea guys dont make mistake like me Smile

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