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[NO BAN]Report for harassment!

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1[NO BAN]Report for harassment! Empty [NO BAN]Report for harassment! on Sat Aug 28, 2010 5:27 pm


here's my two cents
here's my two cents
Ok we were in pvp in jungle, lets say darks where there too... Everything was ok till my friend Hate has used Eraser on BUM_SAKALAKA, I was standing near to them, so I can be a victim. When Hate killed BUM_SAKALAKA, Hate asked him "iti palce gasco = u like that duck", than BUM_SAKALAKA answered "ce pizda = what you cunt" I think BUM_SAKALAKA have to learn to be polite in pvp and not to use those words beacuse he just got reported for harrasment. I have the SS from game ! here is direct link to SS:

PS: This report is from player Hate, I have just tryed to help him cuz his English is not so good ! Tnx
Your [GA]Sonny

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we'll look into this. for future reports please follow the correct format otherwise we will delete the report and not look into it.


Decision: NO BAN shall occur as we feel that pvp trash talk is what gets players going, however as it was directed at a player in that sense we shall be giving the player thier receive FIRST WARNING and after 3 strikes then a ban will Occur.

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