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"The Church" according to B4DW

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1"The Church" according to B4DW Empty "The Church" according to B4DW on Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:11 pm


I shouldn't have to bring this up, but given some of the recent rumblings about GA's, I want to address a few things:

In the realm of B4DW:

If a GM would be considered the "/almighty" then GA's would be "cardinals" in the house of the almighty. Yes, they willingly volunteered for the abuse because they want to help our community succeed. Please keep this in mind as you QQ to them and expect instant fixes to problems, which they may or may not be able to sort out.

Now two warnings,

1. If you (a player) grossly disrespects one of "our flock" GA's and I am presented with evidence (screenshots, etc)... I will do everything in my power to see that you are given at least a three day vacation.

2. In turn, if you (a player) are grossly disrespected by a GA's and can provide evidence of such... I will crucify them. I have that capability and our cardinals know better.

Some qq-ing is inevitable and the B4DW team expects that, but don't let griping turn into disrespect of any of our staff. We all work hard to support the B4DW community and try to make our server enjoyable for all.

and i'll finish with...

"The Church" according to B4DW Funny_church_signs_013

"The Church" according to B4DW Brick1-2

~Siggie by Sinful~

2"The Church" according to B4DW Empty Re: "The Church" according to B4DW on Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:28 pm


Game Ambassador
Game Ambassador
In other words, players you can come QQ to us instead of bothering the GM's with everything.

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