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Rules and Procedures to be followed

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1Rules and Procedures to be followed Empty Rules and Procedures to be followed on Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:26 am


Reporting a Player

These rules are to be strictly followed, if not you may incur a Ban yourself.

At Battle for DWater we are committed to our players and we are expanding on this commitment by making you aware of all those players who ruin the game for everyone else. We plan to do this by opening the following forum where reported players and decisions made by GMs can be viewed by all as a warning to those attempting to do wrong or as a sweet taste of justice for those who have suffered from others wrong doing.

If this Forum is used in any way or form of guild bashing/flaming or any other types of abuse the culprit(s) will incur a ban depending on the seriousness of the offence. This forum is just to be used an easy access place to report issues in relation to players Hacking/Exploiting/ abusing and any other serious issues.

Once a report has been investigated and reviewed by the GMs, we will make a decision on the case and that decision will be final, an appeal against a ban can be made but chances are if we banned you, we had enough reason and evidence to do so, so be cautious when trying to appeal as it might mean additional vacation time for your toon. You have been warned.

Only reports submitted in the following format will be investigated, so make sure you get it right. Reports will also not be investigated unless photographic or video proof is available. Video is always better than Screenshots but we require at least some evidence for any accusation.

Here is an example of the format to use (I will be using myself as an example)

Topic Name: [GM]Tipsy, AoL, Speed hacking

Then in the topic this is how it will look.

: [GM]Tipsy

Fraction: AoL


Reported for:
Speed hacking

18 August 2010 around 12am AEST

Written evidence
: in pvp against [GM]Tipsy when trying to escape we found that he was able to out run us every single time. So this means that he is possibly using a speed hack program. We have video evidence of this posted below.

Video/Photographic evidence:
** post relevant video/screenshots here**

Once a GM has had a look at the original report, the topic will be locked and a post left as follows:

Thank you for submitting your report; it is now with the GMs to investigate.

Once we have reviewed this report we will post our decision and will immediately take action.
The topic title will be changed reflecting the outcome and a post with details of the decision will be posted.

Topic title: [No BAN] [GM]Tipsy, AoL, Speed Hacking

we have found that [GM]Tipsy has not been using any hacks in order to increase speed of any kind, he is a GM and has a sonic lvl 2 linked so the movement he has is perfectly legal.

This format is to be followed along with the rules mentioned above. Lets work together to keep Battle for DWater safe from hackers/exploiters and anyone else trying to ruin the game for the community.

BfDW Team

Battle for DWater Team
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