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Epic Signature Contest ver 2.0 - has been extended ! !

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Game Ambassador
That's right forum peoples - open up MSPaint, Gimp, what ever you got - I'm doing it again!

Epic Signature Contest ver 2.0 - has been extended ! ! Hilarious-14

Starts: TODAY
Ends: 8PM CST 8/28/2010

The Mission:
Design a forum signature for your GAs and/or GMs.

The Loot:
Tier 1 Prize Package will be awarded to the players' signatures who are picked.
(7 Day conti, 7 Day exp, 7 Day prevent item, 7 Day EE, and BDC (Blue Dragon Charm).

but wait...there's more!

We have decided with some input from the last contest that MOAR was required.

We're answering that with a top prize.

One signature will be voted on to be declared the boss, the head signature, the top dog, the big cheese, the head honcho...numero uno. For that you'll get.....get ready for it....

Epic Signature Contest ver 2.0 - has been extended ! ! Asplode

your choice of lvl 50-54 goddess boots pre-linked with sonic ! ! ! !

Epic Signature Contest ver 2.0 - has been extended ! ! This

To sum it all up, we will first vote on the signature entries for the staff members. Once we have the Tier 1 winners, we'll vote on just those signatures. The one we deem the ultimo signature will receive the top prize. So if your signature is picked for the boots, you'll also be receiving the Tier 1 prize package!

How cool is that?

Nothing overly profane. No animations. Keep the signatures smaller than 700 pixels wide by 200 pixels high.

You may submit more than one entry, but of course you can only win once Razz . Please submit your entries in the official Entry Thread

Get to know your GAs and GMs - that way you can know what they may or may not like.

Here's a list of those participating:


  • [GM]Freya
  • [GM]Megaslayer
  • [GM]Mow
  • [GM]PierceME
  • [GM]Tipsy (he was jealous of Sober's sig)


  • [GA]Asyrin
  • [GA]c0matose
  • [GA]edy89
  • [GA]M35H
  • [GA]rink245
  • [GA]Sparky777459

BfDw is not responsible for any injury caused by your thrashing about once you've won.
Winning is not for everyone, so please win responsibly.
Winning is only meant to be done in safe and secure areas.
Please do not Win in unsafe areas. Any injuries which occur during your Win,
BfDW and its staff cannot be held liable should you be in a safe or unsafe area.

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If the server is , what are you doing looking at my signature?
if offline, go do my dishes.

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