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[FIXED]Unable to download/Install

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1[FIXED]Unable to download/Install Empty [FIXED]Unable to download/Install on Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:22 pm


Well, I had played when the game had been recently released, but lost the computer for a bit, so I was unable to play and got lost in all the new stuff/updates.

After finally getting my computer fixed and restored to factory settings, I came back to download so I could begin to play, but alas, I've come across a error where i'm unable to actually use the Battle for Dwater downloader since it's not a 64 bit program apparently. Which confuses me, since I had no problem downloading/installing it before.

I'm still a nub when it comes to programs and computers, darn my mechanical mind. Any ideas?


2[FIXED]Unable to download/Install Empty Re: [FIXED]Unable to download/Install on Thu Jul 22, 2010 3:45 pm


Tipsy is my idol
Tipsy is my idol
my best idea would be since the original stuff were patches see if u can run a ghost data and pull it up or try and downloading U-Torrent then using the new file that is it's own thing in the Battle For Dwater:: Home page Download tab, open that in u-torrent and see if it works

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