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Battle for Dwater Pictures & Video Event **Duration one month**

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Event: Battle for Dwater pictures / videos Event

What: Submissions of screenshots, pictures, and videos for **Prizes**

Why: We are looking for good pictures and videos that show the uniqueness of Battle for Dwater(BfDW) that we can put on our website and Facebook. We want player created media that shows others what you love so much about BfDW.

How: Think of you favorite things about BfDW and what catches your interest? What would make you want to find out more about BfDW, and hopefully download it.

Where: Post your screenshot, images, and video links here.

When: One month from the date posted. I'll make updates regularly to keep you informed how much time is left.

Additional: Be flexible, be creative, and have fun. We want to show others just what our BfDW community has to offer.

As chosen by Dwater mangement

Top BfDW video : 4k DwD
Top BfDW Screenshot / image : 1.5k DwD
Recognized effort : 500 DwD

Battle for Dwater Pictures & Video Event **Duration one month** Brick1-2

~Siggie by Sinful~

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