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[1 WEEK BAN - UPDATED again] Xeane - Item/Gold Fraud [BAN LIFTED]

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Game Ambassador
Game Ambassador
Player(s): Xeane & all related accounts
Account: admin
Account: tomvantholt
Account: 89mich (account with toon: Xeane)
Account: schuurman
Account: michel

Faction: UoF

Guild: n/a

Reported for: Item/Gold Fraud

Date/Time: 02/24/2011

Written evidence: Player sent in several reports about missing gold and a level 51 legendary python helm. Server logs do not support the amount of gold on any toon during the life of the account. The server logs also show Xeane attempting to gain access to a helm for a SS.

Video/Photographic evidence:

Directly from server chat logs:
[Whisper]Xeane (map 42): PM to {name removed} : can i borrow your cap for 1min? i need make a screenshot me in hacked
[Whisper]Xeane (map 42): PM to {name removed} : can i borrow?
[Trade]{name removed} (map 42): i not letting u use my cap x but i can tell u what its has in it
[Whisper]Xeane (map 42): PM to {name removed} : no thnx i need make a screenshot
[Whisper]Xeane (map 42): PM to {name removed} : for GM

Previous email from myself:
You recently filled out the Contact form on BfDW stating you had visual evidence of your missing an item from your account.

I'll be looking into the Action logs on the server to confirm. Understand that these logs are kept server-side and log every action performed; and as such will be beyond contestation.

Specifically I will be looking for a Legendary Python Cap: Item Code - 31119

If a transaction does show in the logs of your ever having owned this, arrangements will be made to return the item back to your inventory.

If no record is found, I will deem this attempt as a form of Item/Gold Fraud as outlined here:

If you wish to continue, please send the required screen shot and any additional information you may have to this email address.

I warned you, but you chose to pursue this ridiculous scam. See you in a week!
Very Happy

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