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Rule Violations and their Consequences

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1Rule Violations and their Consequences Empty Rule Violations and their Consequences on Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:27 pm


Game Ambassador
Game Ambassador
I've had a few questions about lengths of bans, so I'm providing this simple framework of what can be expected.

Actions Taken for Rule Violations
Abuse/OffenseMinor OffenseMajor OffenseMajor/Repeat Offense
GM/GS Non-Compliance 3 Days1 WeekPermanent Account Suspension 
BfDW Staff Impersonation    -» -»    -» -» Permanent Account Suspension 
Offensive Language 3 Days1 WeekPermanent Account Suspension 
Harassment 3 Days1 WeekPermanent Account Suspension 
Stat Padding 3 Days1 WeekPermanent Account Suspension 
Bug Exploitation/Distribution 1 Week   -» -» Permanent Account Suspension 
Item/Gold Fraud 1 Week -» -» Permanent Account Suspension

Please keep in mind, this is a guideline only. Duration times, severity, even your demeanor when caught will weigh upon the decision.

If you're banned today for language, then 3 days later for harassment - those are separate offenses and the bans will be separate; 3 days for the one, then 3 days for the other.

Let me provide another point of clarity: Creating alternate accounts just to get back online, will result in those accounts being banned, or at our discretion, IP banning you from the server completely

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