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[3 DAY BAN] Reporting BuY.It [BAN LIFTED]

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1[3 DAY BAN] Reporting BuY.It [BAN LIFTED] Empty [3 DAY BAN] Reporting BuY.It [BAN LIFTED] on Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:53 am


Forum Noob
Forum Noob
Player: BuY.It
Faction: AoL
Guild: None
Reported for: Aggressive language

Notice: She called me hacker, becouse she battled me, and i killed her. [She - Lv. 1]


2[3 DAY BAN] Reporting BuY.It [BAN LIFTED] Empty Decision. on Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:57 am


Game Ambassador
Game Ambassador
5. Any volatile, abusive, or harsh language such as swearing or harassment is not allowed in B4DW , and abuse of it will result in a temporary ban. Repeat offenders are subject to increased temp ban durations, which can lead to a perma ban. Action taken will be at our discretion and the aforementioned will not be tolerated towards B4DW staff members.

First offense, 3 days

See you on 2/17/2011

clarification edit: Normally something this simple would have been overlooked, but the player decided to extend the vulgarity to others around them.


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