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[FIXED] Stealth Removed (Ranger / Assassin) due to **EXPLOITERS**

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Some are already aware of this issue while others unknowingly have been forced to pay a not-so-nice penalty for those who would use this exploit.

The Exploit:

Rangers and assassins using stealth while switching weapons and attacking a target can cumulatively increase their atk power. There are more specifics to it, but the end result is where the issue comes in.

The Result:

These players can get well over 1k atk rating doing massive amounts of damage. PvP suffers from an imbalance of a handful of these players destroying everything and everyone. This is not fair to our players.

How do you know if you were a victim?

If you ever had a ranger or assassin doing over 2.5k dmg on a regular hit consistently... you were probably raped by one of these exploiters.

What B4DW management is doing:

We are pursuing multiple avenues and even contacting pserver competitors to find solutions. This is a common issue with ep4 servers, but we are doing everything in our power to find a solution to this problem. Should you know of a fix for it... please feel free to pm any GM or GA with details.

We know this isn't what some of you playing rangers and assassins signed up for, but we are asking you to see the reason for our actions. We're sorry that you are paying the price of a handful of exploiters, but bare with us as we work through this.

B4DW Team

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[FIXED] Stealth Removed (Ranger / Assassin) due to **EXPLOITERS** Brick1-2

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